About Us

The GLDT serves as a forum for both governmental and non-governmental Great Lakes dredging interests to discuss the region’s dredging needs. In collaboration with its partners, it supports timely, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable dredging practices at U.S. harbors and channels throughout the Great Lakes, connecting channels and tributaries.

In 1993, the Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration initiated the Interagency Working Group on the Dredging Process to evaluate problems and delays encountered with dredging the nation’s ports. After public meetings, one of the resulting recommendations was to establish a team for the Great Lakes region to provide a mechanism for timely resolution of issues by maximizing interagency coordination.


The Great Lakes Dredging Team has adopted a charter and work plan which are built around four main objectives:

  • Contribute to the national goal of assuring that the dredging of U.S. harbors and channels is conducted in a timely and cost effective manner while meeting environmental protection, restoration, and enhancement goals.
  • Facilitate the resolution of dredging issues common to the Great Lakes region among the participating Local, State, Tribal and Federal agencies.
  • Promote implementation of the relevant portions of the recommendations of the interagency report on the dredging process.
  • Facilitate effective communications and decision-making among federal and state agencies represented on the Dredging Team and between the Team and key stakeholders in the dredging process.


Learn about the Great Lakes Dredging Team’s priorities on the Priorities page.

GLDT Mission Statement

Great Lakes Dredging Team Mission Statement and Guidelines – August 2020


Karen Keil, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Dan Breneman, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

For more information, see the Fact Sheet (PDF) and the Frequently Asked Questions page.